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If the apocalypse comes, we have copies of podcast episodes here:

Episode One – The Podcast Awakens

Episode Two – Revenge of the Swedes

Episode Three – Latvia Strikes Back

Episode Four – The Finnish Menace

Episode Five – The Fast and the Polish!

Episode Six – The Last Austrian Hero

Episode Seven – Return of the Albanians

Episode Eight – The Search for Azerbaijan

Episode Nine – The Netherlanding Story

Episode Ten – The Andorran Games

Episode Eleven – The Day Armenia Stood Still

Episode Twelve – Game of Croats

Episode Thirteen – The UK: Invasion of the Country Snatchers

Episode Fourteen – From Georgia With Love

Episode Fifteen – Denmark: An Unexpected Winner

Episode Sixteen – Cyprus Revolutions

Episode Seventeen – Norway by Northwest

Episode Eighteen – Serbia and The Beast

Episode Nineteen – Israel: The Man with the Golden Song

Episode Twenty – Russia Reloaded

Episode Twenty One – Belgium Beyond

Episode Twenty Two – The Italian Job

Episode Twenty Three – Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Excellent Adventure

Episode Twenty Four – Dude, Where’s San Marino?

Episode Twenty Five – The Macedonian Candidate

Episode Twenty Six – The French Connection

Episode Twenty Seven – Get Him To The Greek

Episode Twenty Eight – Czechmate!

Episode Twenty Nine – March of the Ukranians

Episode Thirty – The Portuguese Legacy

Episode Thirty One – Romanian Holiday

Episode Thirty Two – Bulgarian Dawn

Episode Thirty Three – Adventures in Slovenia

Episode Thirty Four – Missing in Turkey

Episode Thirty Five – Hungary with a Vengeance

Episode Thirty Six – Eire Force One

Episode Thirty Seven – Guardians of Estonia

Episode Thirty Eight – Odds & Sods

Episode Thirty Nine – All Quiet on the German Front

Episode Forty – The Maltese Falcon

Episode Forty One – The Swiss Redemption

Episode Forty Two – The Hitchhikers Guide to Moldova

Episode Forty Three – Iceland Discovery

Episode Forty Four – Montenegro The Next Generation

Episode Forty Five – To Belarus With Love

Episode Forty Six – Captain Espania: Civil War

Episode Forty Seven – Lithuanian Graffiti

Episode Forty Eight – Coulda Shoulda Woulda’s Part 1

Episode Forty Nine – Coulda Shoulda Woulda’s Part 2

Episode Fifty – Congratulations, We Have Arrived!

Episode Fifty One – 2002: Passwords, Rachel Hair, and The Last 12 Points

Episode Fifty Two – 2014: Boos, Beards and Boobs!

Episode Fifty Three – 2016: Love Love Peace Peace

Episode Fifty Four – 2004: Turkish Pride, Technical Issues, and Wild Dancing

Episode Fifty Five – 2003: Russian Screaming, Elton John’s Toupee and Nul Points

Episode Fifty Six – 2000: Syrian Flags, Sheet Dancing and the Wings of Love

Episode Fifty Seven – 2015 Our Guy, Two Nul Points and More Than One Hero

Episode Fifty Eight – 2001 Danish Pride, A Couple of Couplets and an Aruban Import

Episode Fifty Nine – 2013 Queen Petra, Bare Feet, and Eric Saade’s Toilet Humour

Episode Sixty – 2018 Robberies, Tarts, and a Homeward Bound Pikachu

Episode Sixty One – 2012 Mouse Clicking, Flames, and The Beginning of A New Era

Episode Sixty Two – 2006 A Confused American, a Button Shortage, and Praise for Hard Rock

Episode Sixty Three – 2005 A Thousand Drums Drumming, A Random Wind Chime and Our Number One

Episode Sixty Four – 2011 Slapstick, A Welcome Return, and Drunken Karaoke

Episode Sixty Five – 2010 Orbs, Violins, and Underwear They’re Blue

Episode Sixty Six – 2017 Giant Heads, Weird Props, and Fast Food Music

Episode Sixty Seven – 2008 Lovable Hosts, MySpace, and We Liked Your Other Song More

Episode Sixty Eight – 2009 Hot Mess Hosts, Hefty Props, and the One Winning Violin

Episode Sixty Nine – 2007 Battle of the Bands, Semi Final of Death, and Serbian KD Lang

Episode Seventy – 2019 Four Hours Eleven Minutes Twenty Seconds, Fallen Madonna, and In A Big Arcade

Episode Seventy One – 1991 Allora A South American Farewell to Yugoslavia and Those Five Ten Points

Episode Seventy Two – 1997 Ronan Keating’s Mullet, Bye For Now To Italy, and That Winning Green Shirt

Episode Seventy Three – 1998 Cowbell, Double Wogan, and the Diva We Needed

Episode Seventy Four – 1993 Sexy Sax, HORSIES!, and a Host Country Win

Episode Seventy Five – 1995 Happy 40th, The Kirkorov Factor, and 24 Words

Episode Seventy Six – 1996: A Rebrand, Ooh Aah A-ha, and RTE’s Wallet Opens Again

Episode Seventy Seven – 1994 Giant Nightmare Heads, Riverdance, and Oops, Another Win

Episode Seventy Eight – 1992 EuroBird, Some Bloke Named Christer Björkman, and Why Johnny Logan!

Episode Seventy Nine – 1999: Religious Education, Red Wine, and That Heavenly Outfit

Episode Eighty – 1990: Too Old, Euro Cat, and Toto Unites Europe

Episode Eighty One – 1989: Neons, Cheese, and Rocked By 7 Points

Episode Eighty Two – 1980: A Volunteer, A Tight Budget, and That Bloke From Frankston

Episode Eighty Three – 1987: Feuding Broadcasters, Casablanca, and That Bloke From Frankston Again

Episode Eighty Four – 1984: Teenagers, Similar Staging, and Golden Shoes

Episode Eighty Five – 1982: Yorkshire Water, Sixty One Points, and A Little Peace

Episode Eighty Six – 1988 Tron, Shoulder Pads and That Winning Canadian


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WMP Supplemental 2: Post-Eurovision 2017 Debrief

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WMP Supplemental 5: Eurovision 2019 Preview Episode

WMP Supplemental 6: Eurovision 2019 Semi Final 1 First Rehearsals Reaction

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