Podcast Link Archive

If the apocalypse comes, we have copies of podcast episodes here:

Episode One – The Podcast Awakens

Episode Two – Revenge of the Swedes

Episode Three – Latvia Strikes Back

Episode Four – The Finnish Menace

Episode Five – The Fast and the Polish!

Episode Six – The Last Austrian Hero

Episode Seven – Return of the Albanians

Episode Eight – The Search for Azerbaijan

Episode Nine – The Netherlanding Story

Episode Ten – The Andorran Games

Episode Eleven – The Day Armenia Stood Still

Episode Twelve – Game of Croats

Episode Thirteen – The UK: Invasion of the Country Snatchers

Episode Fourteen – From Georgia With Love

Episode Fifteen – Denmark: An Unexpected Winner

Episode Sixteen – Cyprus Revolutions

Episode Seventeen – Norway by Northwest

Episode Eighteen – Serbia and The Beast

Episode Nineteen – Israel: The Man with the Golden Song

Episode Twenty – Russia Reloaded

Episode Twenty One – Belgium Beyond

Episode Twenty Two – The Italian Job

Episode Twenty Three – Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Excellent Adventure

Episode Twenty Four – Dude, Where’s San Marino?

Episode Twenty Five – The Macedonian Candidate

Episode Twenty Six – The French Connection

Episode Twenty Seven – Get Him To The Greek

Episode Twenty Eight – Czechmate!

Episode Twenty Nine – March of the Ukranians

Episode Thirty – The Portuguese Legacy

Episode Thirty One – Romanian Holiday


WMP Supplemental: Eurovision 2017 Preview Episode

WMP Supplemental 2: Post-Eurovision 2017 Debrief