WMP Guest Spot #1: Kids Love Balloons


Since we’re getting to the pointy end of Eurovision Mania, we were very honoured to be guests on Kids Love Balloons podcast this week, recorded in Richmond!

You can listen to the episode here!

We talked about why we love Eurovision, what people should expect from this year’s contest and more!

We joined:

Chris Holland, host of Kids Love Balloons, you can follow him on Twitter here or like him on Facebook here.

Ti Butler, from Idol Threat, you can follow them on Twitter here and here.

Jason-Scott Watkins, co-host of Refreshments Provided, you can follow him on Twitter here, visit his website here and follow the podcast here.

Danica “Nina” Radojicic, 2011 Eurovision finalist, you can follow her here or subscribe to her YouTube here.

AND Don’t Forget! Our Episode 19 will be out next week! Israel!!! YAY!








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