Episode 23 – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Excellent Adventure

Listen to the episode here: Episode 23 – Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Excellent Adventure

In this episode, Danie and Mark try to figure out what is going on with this very messy, but awkwardly polite country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while discussing the history, war, geography, and politics of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Republika Srpska. Also, they have major issues pronouncing “Herzegovina”!


Songs Include:

In The Disco – DEEN (2004)

Ljubav Je – Dalal & DEEN feat. Ana Rucner and Jala (2016)

Thunder And Lightning – Vukasin Brajic (2010)

Could It Be (Ne Brini) – Mija Martina Barbaric (2003)

Love In Rewind  – Dino Merlin (2011)

…They also chat about discos, Skeleton Cellos, Dune and Ana Rucner’s stage outfit,


(seriously, who wore it better? Ana or Sting?), Franz Ferdinand, Yugoslavia, and those “Footstool People” return, uneasy family dinners, David Lynch Red, double denim, plus Bosnia and Herzegovina’s constant opting in and out of Eurovision.



Then the Yoda Beanie Of Doom gave us our next country…



Next, we’re off to San Marino!


Legal and Licencing Notice:

“We at Wind Machine Podcast have taken every legal step allowed to us to present this podcast with a current APRA licence and we claimFair Use” for the music played. 

We are not affiliated with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), its partners, or SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). We are just fans.” 

Intro and Indents provided by Shock Wave Sound. Into The Lights by Global Sound System.

Snippets of audio used for entertainment purposes only:

Geography Now! Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pauly Barbato (audio taken from YouTube)

Licences available upon request.

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