Episode 32 – Bulgarian Dawn

Listen to the episode here: Episode 32 – Bulgarian Dawn

In their last episode for 2017, Danie and Mark travel to Bulgaria, and explore the history, geography, politics, and the jury of two play their favourite top five.


Songs Include:

DJ, Take Me Away – Deep Zone & Balthzar (2008)

If Love Was A Crime – Poli Genova (2016)

Samo Shampioni – Elitsa & Stoyan (2013)

Love Unlimited –  Sofi Marinova (2012)

Beautiful Mess  – Kristian Kostov (2017)


…They also chat about the meme Ken Lee, the difference between CD version to what happens at ESC, hair goals, Austria 2018 and Israel 2017, Luke Skywalker, The Damned’s Smash It Up, pluses of love, 1960s science fiction films, and Kristian Kostov maybe being Loic Nottet’s number one fan.


Then the Yoda Beanie Of Doom gave us our next country…




Next, we’re off to Slovenia in 2018!

Thanks to everyone who has listened to our little podcast during 2017. We have learned a lot about Europe via Eurovision, and we hope you have too.

We’re having a break and will return with Episode 33 in February 2018. Wind Machine Podcast will be invading America, speading the Eurovision love. Be sure to follow our twitter account (@windmachinepod) and our Facebook page to see what we get up to while we’re away.

Wishing you all a very happy festive season and a very Eurovisiony new year.


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Legal and Licencing Notice:

“We at Wind Machine Podcast have taken every legal step allowed to us to present this podcast with a current APRA licence and we claim “Fair Use” for the music played. 

We are not affiliated with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), its partners, or SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). We are just fans.” 

Intro and Indents provided by Shock Wave SoundInto The Lights by Global Sound System.

Snippets of audio used for entertainment purposes only:

Ken Lee – Bulgarian Music Idol 2008 (audio taken from YouTube)


Licences available upon request.

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