Episode 49 – Coulda Shoulda Woulda’s: Part 2

Listen to the episode here: Episode 49 – Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda’s Part 2

In this episode, Danie and Mark continue to take a trip into the Time Tunnel to see which songs Coulda Shoulda or Woulda made the country episodes if the Yoda Beanie Of Doom picked a different order.


Songs Include (full or in part):

I Won’t Break  –  Julia Samoylova (2018)

Matter Of Time – Sennek (2018)

Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente – Ermal Mata & Fabrizio Moro (2018)

Who We Are – Jessika and Jenifer Brening (2018)

Lost And Found – Eye Cue (2018)

Mercy – Madame Monsieur (2018)

Oniro Mou – Yianna Terzi (2018)

Lie To Me – Mikolas Josef (2018)

Under The Ladder – Melovin (2018)

O Jardim – Claudia Pascoal and Isaura (2018)

Goodbye – The Humans (2018)

Bones – Equinox (2018)

Hvala, Ne! – Lea Sirk (2018)

Viszlat Nyar – AWS (2018)

Together – Ryan O’Shaughnessy (2018)

La Forza – Elina Nacheyeva (2018)

We Got Love – Jessica Mauboy (2018)

You Let Me Walk Alone – Michael Schulte (2018)


…They also chat about 60’s fashions, overdubbing, cosplay, shoulder pads, The Wiggles, anti-inflammatory medications, The MakeMakes, Dexter, Americans!, all the pink hair in 2018, creepy blokes in bars, Cher and hints for Episode 50. Also the Yoda Beanie of Doom has gone rogue on his trip, hopefully we can get him home soon!

The next episode is Episode 50; the last for Season One of Wind Machine Podcast.


Legal and Licencing Notice:

“We at Wind Machine Podcast have taken every legal step allowed to us to present this podcast with a current APRA licence and we claim “Fair Use” for the music played. 

We are not affiliated with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), its partners, or SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). We are just fans.” 

Intro and Indents provided by Shock Wave SoundInto The Lights by Global Sound System.


Snippets of audio used for entertainment purposes only:

The Time Tunnel Soundtrack (Intro) – John Williams and George Duning (audio taken from YouTube)

Licences available upon request.

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