Episode 77 – “1994: Giant Nightmare Heads, Riverdance, and Oops, Another Win”

In this episode, we chat about host city Dublin (for the last time this season!!), the two hosts of 1994, the postcards, the controversies, the fashion at Eurovision 1994, the interval act, European and Australian news, what was happening in entertainment, the WTF and OMG moments of the contest, the voting, and play our top 10 of 1994 based on a jury of two.

Songs Include:

Bye Bye Baby – CatCat (Finland)

Stjärnorna – Marie Bergman and Roger Pontare (Sweden)

We Will Be Free (Lonely Symphony) – Frances Ruffelle (United Kingdom)

Vechny strannik – Youddiph (Russia)

Chamar a música – Sara Tavares (Portugal)

Duett – Elisabeth Andreassen and Jan Werner Danielsen (Norway)

Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet? – Friderika Bayer (Hungary)

Wir geben ‘ne Party – Mekado (Germany)

To nie ja! – Edyta Górniak (Poland)

Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids – Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan (Ireland)

A Week in Dublin 1994” Eurovision behind the scenes video here

The Yoda Beanie of Doom then gave us the next year for Season Three:

We’re in Malmö for 1992!!

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Legal and Licencing Notice:

“We at Wind Machine Podcast have taken every legal step allowed to us to present this podcast with a current APRA licence and we claim “Fair Use” for the music played.

We are not affiliated with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), its partners, or SBS (Special Broadcasting Service). We are just fans.”

Intro and Indents provided by Shock Wave SoundInto The Lights by Global Sound System.

One thought on “Episode 77 – “1994: Giant Nightmare Heads, Riverdance, and Oops, Another Win”

  1. About the holding arms down, I’m not Irish but Belgian, but I’m in the folklore dance environment (I’m part of a Flemish traditional dance group). It is true that the arms were down so you couldn’t see that the were dancing. The exact reason I don’t know anymore, I must. Something with being forbidden to dance.


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